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Four Reasons Why Orlando is One of the Country’s Cremation Capitals

Florida has long been one of the country’s foremost adopters of cremation. Since cremation began its rapid rise in popularity following the turn of the millennium, Florida residents have opted for cremation to a greater degree than almost every other state.

In Florida, Orlando stands out for the cremation services it offers. Here, we’ve included four reasons why that’s the case.

1) The Cost of Cremation Services are Lower in the Orlando Area

The cost of disposition leads the cremation discussion, and while cost is far from the only consideration, it’s hard to fault families for focusing on it. Funeral and burial expenses have climbed precipitously over the past couple decades, with funeral costs (burial caskets chief among them) outpacing almost all other consumer goods in price growth.

Overall, funeral costs have nearly quadrupled in the last 35 years. Families look at this and see cremation as a necessary alternative. And in Florida, Orlando is among the least expensive cities for cremation services.

Across Florida, the average cost of direct cremation is just under $1,700 – which is lower than 80 percent of U.S. states. That’s according to data put together by Choice Mutual.

In Orlando, though, the average cost of direct cremation is even lower. It sits around $1,550, so nearly 10 percent lower than the state average, which is already low compared to the rest of the country.

It’s worth noting that direct cremation can cost significantly less than $1,550, as this average is brought up by families purchasing additional goods and services.

Regardless, direct cremation services in Orlando are highly affordable, compared to the average cost of cremation in other U.S. states.

2) There are Numerous Memorial Gardens, Columbariums and Cemeteries in and Around Orlando

If cost was the only factor, Orlando would be near the lead. Of course, cost isn’t the only factor when it comes to memorializing a loved one. As cremation becomes more popular among general Americans, families are developing new ways of memorializing their loved ones.

The Orlando area offers plenty of places where cremains are accepted. Memorial gardens are one example, and there are several inside and just outside of Orlando. Memorial gardens are beautifully landscaped areas where families can spread their loved one’s ashes or bury them. Many memorial gardens are affiliated with a church or cemetery, and these offer a few options for families that have ashes to spread or bury. For example, some cemeteries maintain urn gardens. Here, families can bury an urn in a small plot, much like burying a casket. With the plot and an accompanying plaque, it’s easier for families to remember and visit their loved one.

Columbariums are another traditional form of interring a cremation urn. Columbariums are free-standing structures designed to store and display urns, and spaces can be rented for individuals or families.

There are other options near Orlando, too. With the city’s central location, the coast is only a short drive away. Here, families can rent a boat and release the cremains over the open water. There are even reefs developed from cremains, and though this is expensive, it’s a unique and productive way for people to put their cremains to use after they pass away.

No matter what your memorial preferences are, though, Orlando makes it easy to carry them out.

3) Florida’s Laws Make it Easy for Families to Spread or Bury Their Loved One’s Ashes

Florida’s laws are also relaxed regarding how and where ashes can be spread or interred. In public spaces, excepting state parks, no permission is necessary before spreading ashes. On state parks and private property, permission is required, but that’s it. In fact, families can bury a cremation urn as long as they have permission to do so.

Now, don’t try to spread the ashes at Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Studios, as there are tightly enforced rules against the practice. But as long as families aren’t releasing the cremains at a private theme park, minimal planning and preparation is required.

4) Orlando is Near Several Snowbird Hotspots in the State

With affordable direct cremation available to Orlando residents, Florida families find it a bit easier to carry out a loved one’s disposition and memorial. But direct cremation isn’t limited to Orlando and Florida residents. Every year, Florida’s warmth, natural beauty and affordability attract thousands upon thousands of snowbirds.

Many of those that stay in Florida for the winter will stay in Kissimmee and coastal communities near Orlando. Now, snowbirds are generally physically and mentally active, but it’s inevitable that some of them will pass away during their annual stay in Florida. Direct cremation services ensure that these snowbirds are given a dignified disposition that can easily be arranged by family members who are out of state.

Because of direct cremation’s flexibility, people temporarily living in Orlando can still have their cremation wishes carried out and overseen by a loved one, even if that loved one is thousands of miles away.

Orlando Direct Cremation Services Provide a Mix of Affordability and Convenience for the Sunshine State’s Communities

Orlando is one of Florida’s top destinations for several reasons. It’s affordable, family-friendly, and is a perfect starting point for touring around the state.

With reputable, low-cost direct cremation services available throughout the area – as well as plenty of memorial areas to choose from – Orlando is one of the country’s cremation capitols.


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