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Affordable and convenient direct cremation services

Cremation Specialists is a trusted provider of direct cremation services. Our services are easy to understand and packaged together to make the process as simple as possible. There’s no need to consult with a funeral home and everything can be handled online through our website. While ordering, you may choose only the services you require, which will keep costs transparent and minimal. We encourage visitors to review our pricing before placing an order, as it is your right to know what is included in a cremation service.

Cremation Specialists is a licensed direct disposer, which means we’re experts in cremation. At every step, that expertise ensures we can handle your loved one’s remains with dignity and care.

Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation services are ideal for those wanting to plan ahead, or those in need of immediate services.

Veterans Programs

There are a variety of Veterans Programs available to help offset direct cremation costs.

What our cremation services include

To make things as simple as possible for our clients, Cremation Specialists includes all basic cremation services in a single package. This minimizes the cost to our clients and expedites the cremation process. Our direct cremation package includes:

  • Staff and clerical services (24 hour call response, cremation arrangement and assistance with completing forms associated with cremation).
  • Removal of the body.
  • Transportation to the crematory.
  • Refrigeration (up to seven days, with additional fees beyond seven days).
  • Crematory fee.
  • Client pick-up from our facility.

In addition to the above services, a basic cremation container and urn are provided with our direct cremation package. Once cremation takes place, you may pick up your loved one’s remains at our facility.

Customize your cremation package with optional services and goods

Through our online ordering platform, you can order additional items or services to package with direct cremation. While ordering, you may choose from the following options:

  • Caskets for holding remains during cremation.
  • A selection of affordable urns for holding cremated remains.
  • A variety of keepsakes to preserve your loved one’s memory.
  • Remembrance items, such as prayer cards, thank you cards or a book.

We can also provide the following services:

  • Delivery of remains within 50 miles of crematory.
  • Mailed delivery anywhere in the U.S.
  • Expedited cremation (within five to seven days of taking possession of body).
  • Rush cremation (within 72 hours of taking possession of body).
  • One or more death certificates (for claiming benefits for filing taxes).

Cremation services for our nation’s veterans

Our direct cremation services are ideal for military families. Transporting human remains across state borders is expensive, in time and money, and the logistics involved can be too much for a grieving family to deal with.

Direct cremation services simplify the process, ensuring you can act on your memorial plans with minimal expense and stress. Once cremated, we can ship your loved one’s remains anywhere in the U.S. so they can be interred in a military cemetery of your choosing.

What is the difference between direct cremation services and traditional services?

Direct cremation is occasionally called “immediate cremation” because it is performed shortly after death, usually within days. This is in contrast to traditional services, which involve a funeral or visitation of some kind, and may take longer to plan. Funeral or visitation services are not included with direct cremation.

Still, there are many reasons why families may prefer direct cremation to traditional services. Direct cremation is far less expensive compared to a funeral and it’s completely private, which many families value during the grieving process. Compared to a funeral, direct cremation is also simple to arrange, and this may also appeal to overwhelmed families.

While direct cremation is faster to arrange than traditional services, the deceased is not transported from the place of death directly to the crematory. State-required forms and certificates must be completed before cremation can take place, and this may require several days to finish.

Direct cremation services allow loved ones to organize their own memorial services

Direct cremation does not include other memorial services, but it doesn’t preclude them either. For example, if your family has something private or informal in mind (like scattering your loved one’s ashes at a favorite spot), direct cremation can make it easier to plan the memorial. There’s no need to involve a funeral home if your family would prefer not to.

Why families trust Cremation Specialists

Nothing is more important than family, which is why Cremation Specialists works diligently to earn our clients’ trust. We’ve helped many families through difficult times by being there when death occurs. This is what we pledge:

Dignified care and professionalism

Death is difficult enough to deal with, so we aim to make it as easy as possible. Our certified team observes a code of ethics toward the deceased and toward our clients. We will preserve your loved one’s dignity throughout the process and prioritize compassion during all interactions. Our site is secure and encrypted, so all information you share with us is protected.

Cremation Specialists is a licensed direct disposer, so we have the education and experience required to properly handle human remains. That’s peace of mind for our clients.

Prompt response

We can react promptly when death has occurred, even when it occurs suddenly. Once notified, our goal is to arrive at the place of death within two hours and begin removal, as long as death has been officially proclaimed.

Expert assistance

When a loved one passes, it can be complicated ensuring records are kept and state regulations followed. We are experts at both and will follow all official procedures and state requirements during cremation. If there are any questions or concerns with the cremation process or our services, we will happily answer them.

Cost transparency

There are no hidden fees associated with our services and we provide an itemized breakdown of all services and goods, so you will see the total cost before committing to cremation. The price you see during ordering is the final price you will pay for our services.

Cremation Specialists is your certified cremation expert

When death occurs, it often brings challenges. It’s difficult enough determining what to do with your loved one’s remains, but there may be financial or logistical concerns as well. Our licensed team can help you and your family work through those challenges, so you can focus on what’s most important during this time.

Online cremation arrangements are
available 24/7 for your loved one.

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