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A Death Has Occurred

The death of a love one is already stressful. Cremation Specialists is here to assist with simple, online, direct cremation arrangements that make the burden easier. 

Imminent Death

Whether hours, days or weeks away, if death is imminent, direct cremation is a simple choice. Cremation Specialists can help arrange your loved one’s cremation arrangements with minimal stress and expense.

Pre-Planned Cremations

Pre-planning has many benefits. From giving your family a clear path of your wishes to removing financial hardship on others after a death occurs, Cremation Specialists can help you pre-plan.

Online Direct Cremation Service:
How Does It Work?

With the passing of a loved one, unless your wishes are pre-planned or pre-arranged, many families are beset with the decision of, “Do I bury my loved one or do I cremate him or her?” Depending on many variables, from financial cost to religious beliefs to differing opinions among family members, these decisions can range from simple to difficult to overwhelming. 

Most people choose cremation for what comes after death, for themselves and for their loved ones. If death has already occurred or if you’re pre-planning direct cremation services for yourself or another, our online ordering platform makes it easy to arrange. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Get Started Online

Customize your cremation package online and tell us when services will be needed.

Step 2

Customize & Pay Online

With our digital platform, complete and submit legally required forms and pay online.

Step 3

Finalize Online

Lastly, upload proper identification & we will send the necessary legal documents for completion.

Online cremation arrangements are
available 24/7 for your loved one.

Have some peace of mind knowing that we are available to assist you with your online arrangements if you need us.

Simple & Affordable Cremation

Why Choose Us?

Cremation Specialists is a licensed provider of direct cremation services. We are a family-owned business and a proud member of the community. Our experience in direct cremation allows us to minimize cost and stress on families, while ensuring their loved one is handled with professionalism and dignity.

We only use trusted, licensed, and certified professionals to take care of your loved one.

We offer transparent cremation pricing. View our General Price List.

We have less overhead and pass those savings on to you.

Cremation is a challenging topic and you likely have questions about it. As licensed experts in direct cremation, we have the answers. You can learn more about it on our Cremation 101 pages.

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